Simple and effective enhancements for your PeopleSoft system

Single-click account unlock / password reset

For sites that don’t have an enterprise-wide single sign-on solution that’s integrated with PeopleSoft the number one cause of calls to the helpdesk will be password resets/account unlock requests (source). It’s not particularly desirable to have your 1st line support staff accessing the delivered User Profile component of PeopleSoft (nor is it fast if all you wish to do is unlock an account or reset a password). It’s a great idea to speed things up and simplify administration with a page dedicated to this business function, giving your 1st line support a single-click method of resetting passwords and/or unlocking accounts.

Simply search for the UserID (or User Name):

And then click unlock to unlock the account and/or reset password to have the system assign a new random password.

The user will be prompted to change it on next logon (assuming that password controls are on).

Currently live with 1 customer.

Fully tested on PeopleTools 8.50, 8.51 and 8.52. (It should work on 8.4x but has not yet been tested.)

Price: £300 / $480

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