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Custom Sign-on Page

The delivered PeopleSoft sign-on screen is perfectly functional, however it looks a touch austere. As it’s the first screen your users see when they log on to PeopleSoft (unless you use SSO) it’s worth putting in a little effort to make the right impression.

We’ve found that adding a page that’s branded to the individual client – so it’s both attractive to look at and recognisable as ‘one of our systems’ – creates far more positive feelings than one that’s left as vanilla.

Many clients don’t have the time to focus on details like this – however important they may be – so let us do it for you! Here’s an example of how it could look:

(NB: this is a fictional example – we haven’t designed a sign-on screen for Oracle.)

It’s coded in a responsive manner, so if you view it using different resolution screens (or even just resize the browser window) the background image stretches and scales accordingly.

Just send us a reasonably high-res photo for the background, the logo for your system (to replace the MyHR logo above) together with which browsers you use and the languages that should be available to select from. Then we’ll create your branded sign-on page for you (plus the other pages that you’ll need branding, like time-out and expired password screens, plus the timeout warning popup). Once we send the results back it’s a breeze to install too.

Currently live with 2 customers.

Works with all versions of PeopleTools.

Price: £300 / $495

Interested? Get in touch by filling out our quick Purchase form.

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