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Redirect on Sign-on

Normally, when you sign in to PeopleSoft you land at the homepage of the default tab. This works for some sites, but it’d often be handy to redirect either all users, or just a subset, to a particular tab, component or dashboard.

There are a number of ways to achieve this including deep-linking (giving different sets of users different sign-on links), and setting up multiple sign-on pages (each pointing to the desired landing page). Both have their flaws however and increase the maintenance overhead.

We’ve created a solution that can redirect a subset of users (based on membership or a role or permission list) to an alternative homepage. It’s easy to amend and upgrade friendly.

Currently live with 2 customers.

Works with all versions of PeopleTools.

Price: £500 / $800

Interested? Get in touch by filling out our quick Purchase form.

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